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Fierce women is an illustrated card game that highlights and educates about female figures throughout history that made a great contribution to society. The project was started by a non-profit media Vox Feminae, promoting gender equality and social justice.

I was honored to be a part of the project by creating two illustrations for their expansion pack. Also, later I was invited to make a poster that is given as a part of a Fierce Women WoW Award.

The cards are sold in over 50 bookstores in Croatia and IKEA Zagreb,
but you can get them online HERE!

Angela Piskernik

Angela was a Slovenian botanist and conservationist that published an important book titled "The Key to Determining Flowering Plants and Ferns", as well as being a lecturer in many fields such as sex education, physics and German language (that she taught over the radio!).

Considering my love for birds, my favorite fact is that she successfully fought for the ban on the export of birds from Yugoslavia.

Nuala O'Faolain

Nuala was an Irish journalist and writer in the late 20th century. She was an educated and independent feminist who stood up for and against oppression and conservative treatment of women in Catholic Ireland at the time. Her writing addressed the themes of love, loss, rejection, and social problems. 

Her most famous work is 'Are You Somebody?: The Accidental Memoir of a Dublin Woman' in which she detailed her life, dysfunctional family, failed relationships, and struggle with alcohol abuse.

Photo credit © Vox Feminae


WOW Awards is an international feminist award ceremony where a jury picks most prominent women active in highlighting and exposing the invisible work, stories, courage, and determination of those fighting for a better world, and feminist heroines. The ceremony also includes anti-award for the most sexist statement.

As an award, the winners are given a commissioned portrait that includes symbolism of their activism. I was assigned to create one for Antonija Petričušić

Antonija Petricusic

Antonija is an assistant professor at the Department of Sociology at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb, a fighter for the rights of national minorities, she introduced the elective course Women's Rights, with the aim of creating a safe, supportive and open environment at the faculty for LGBTIQA + people. She also started an initiative "Every child's right to a school meal", with a goal to provide a free meal to every child in school, spending 5 Croatian kuna on each meal.

Photo credit © Vox Feminae

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