Mural design
Nadav Lahat



My Place, a new co-working space in Zagreb commissioned me to create a series of illustrations they would apply as murals inside their building, as well as use it as assets in their promotional material like social media posts and print. They want to attract younger, creative clients and stand out from the rest of the competition that's in a more corporate style. The themes and colors were suggested, but the rest of it was up to me.


Being a place to step away from sitting at a desk, we were aiming at something relaxing, like a landscape, but with an interesting twist. Details inspired by Japan are to add a bit more zen.


As it's the first thing you see as you enter the office building, we put extra attention to his illustration. The staircase that leads up is quite dark, and this wall needs to be passed by close, hence the explosive colors and details. The idea was to do a play on the famous lofi girl, as an introduction and representation of the activity in the office.


Coffee and working creatives go hand in hand, so this is a crucial area for a coworking space, which we wanted to highlight. Sparking new ideas and getting an energy rush were the main inspirations.


In a new world of video call business and everyone jumping on the podcast train, this is another unique area. The wall is supposed to showcase a toolbox of what we need to create - from artists to programmers, most of these items are crucial for our everyday work.


Since there’s a lot of hallways connecting the different rooms, there’s also a lot of empty walls. Being the space you pass through, this one is with a theme of time, the most valuable resource of anyone, especially freelancers and entrepreneurs.


Even though we wanted the space to feel fun and playful, a lot going on can be a visual distraction. For this reason, I created a few abstract compositions — blank backgrounds and big simple shapes give it a more mellow feeling, but the color palette and general style ties into the rest of the visual identity of the space.
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